Book Review: The Underground Man by Mick Jackson

This book is one of those that you end up passing around to all your bookey friends, and giving as a gift at Christmas. Since stumbling upon this book in a charity shop, I have bought several brand new copies to give to family members and friends, all of whom have loved reading the book just as much as I did.

The Underground Man is about an eccentric, rich old man who has crazy plans for building tunnels under his house and extensive grounds. As we live through him we learn more and more about his character, and how he is perceived by others. It is this public perception that really draws the humour and interest through this novel, as well as the many quotes from classic texts, and the narrators rambling thoughts.

Do not hesitate before buying this book – you will not regret it. After this, I then bought A Widow’s Tale by Mick Jackson, which was good, but not even close to The Underground Man. Enjoy.

I buy all of my books from a little bookshop in Hampshire, called Laurence Oxley’s Bookshop, 17 Broad Street, Alresford, Hampshire SO24 9AW. UK.

Fantastic bookshop and picture framer in Hampshire


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