Why I am Starting a Blog…

To put it simply, I am always learning things, and I feel the need to share!

My blog will cover a few main subjects:

  • Living on a Boat: We bought a boat in November 2011 and are constantly learning new things. Hopefully what I write about our experiences will help others looking to do the same!
  • Commuting by Bicycle: I plan to bore others by jotting down things I observe or experience while riding along the towpath to central London.
  • Running: Quite a new hobby of mine, but having recently done my first 10k (in 59m!) I am very enthusiastic about the challenge.
  • Reading Books: I love reading, and I want to use this blog to share my thoughts about what I read, and of course to ask to recommendations!
  • Reptiles: We own (and occasionally breed) reptiles, and there are always developments to share!

This blog is going to be very honest, but (hopefully) full of ideas and recommendations for those out there with similar interests.

I hope you enjoy it!


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