British Museum, London: Shakespeare, Staging the World

I was lucky enough to get some tickets (thanks Dad!) for the first day of the Shakespeare: Staging the World exhibition at the British Museum. It’s on from now until 25th November 2012


What I thought

Firstly, my advice is to give yourself at least two hours to take in the whole exhibition – it is MASSIVE! Its array of historic artefacts, literary references (of course) and multi-media displays successfully put Shakespeare’s world into context.

What the exhibition covers

It starts with the history surrounding Shakespeare’s age – you can study old maps and tapestries, paintings and letters. I especially liked the handwritten ‘noticeboard’ for the Bear Baiting ring near the Globe. To think that people over 400 years ago have read this just baffles me.

Each of the major plays is broken down into historical facts and figures, actors reading various parts through video and audio, transcripts and information boards. Othello is my favourite (… or Julius Caesar – still can’t decide) and there is a whole section on the ‘other’ in society, and the art cropping up in Venice, where there was much more diversity of culture than in England at that time.

The British Museum has worked closely with the Royal Shakespeare Company on this one – and it’s spot on!

I found the exhibition fascinating, though I did have sore feet from wandering around and enjoyed a well deserved lunch afterwards! We headed to Savoir Faire on New Oxford Street in case you were wondering! £12.99 for a two course lunch – yum!

Find out more!

British Museum Website : Shakespeare Staging the World


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