Training for the Paris Marathon: First Injury!


I have a mammoth blister on my left big toe! After doing 6.3 miles on Saturday I could only manage 4.9 yesterday, but only because I could feel pain in my toe…

Do you run? Can you help me prevent blisters? Thanks!

Raising money for Kidscape, the children’s charity!


Training for the Paris Marathon: Step by Step

This week has been a bit broken up, exercise-wise. I cycled to work on Monday and Wednesday, and have not had a chance to run during the week.

Current Details: using inhaler less, aiming to increase runs by one mile per week.

Today I ran for 6.3 miles, a round hour! I did it non stop, and I’m really happy with that. Also, I felt like I could have gone for longer, so I think that’s a good sign! 6.3 mph is a personal best for me, training wise.

Today’s run

I ran around Northolt park twice, then headed over to Northala fields (the one with the four mounds in). I carried on past the mounds and all round the park, along the road too. When I was going along the road I passed a cyclist who gave me a big smile and she said “keep going!”. It gave me an extra burst of energy to get back through the park.

The Wembley mounds

On my way back I forced myself to run up the mound that has the swirling footpath. Near the top, I ran past two Polish men, who said “Go, go, go!” in encouragement, and were impressed when I didn’t even stop at the top! I shouted “No rest!!” and they laughed.


I think I really enjoyed my run today not only because I was feeling fitter and had more energy (yes I did scoff five cookies earlier today) but mainly because of the people I passed who gave me encouragement. It’s that kind of encouragement that got me through the British 10k in under an hour, and it’s what will help in Paris!

I am thinking of getting a T-Shirt printed with the words ‘Marathon Runner in Training’ and ‘Cheer me on!’ on the back – thoughts?

I’m running the Paris Marathon in 2013 for Kidscape, the children’s charity. I have already raised 31% of my target!

Training for the Paris Marathon: Updates!

So this is the second weekend of my training for the Paris Marathon in April, and I managed 5.4 miles today, non stop! I managed it in 52 minutes, so not great, but getting there…

This week I only cycled to work twice, and didn’t run at all throughout the week, but despite that I dropped a pound in weight!

In other news, my fundraising is going fantastically, and I managed to raise a whopping 25% of my target in ONE WEEK! Thanks to my greedy work colleagues, who are making the most of my cookies and biscuits every day 🙂

Today I was shattered after my run, but hopefully I have stretched enough to go out again tomorrow… (trying not to think about the other 21 miles…)

If you have any tips about marathon training, please share them!

Training for the Paris Marathon: Day Two!

Ok so this is one day late, but just to keep my record that I went for another 40 minute 4 mile run yesterday, so that’s 8 miles in one weekend! Feeling good about it, and could have gone for longer.

I have bought some mini mars bars and am only allowed one when I do 10 miles in one go!!! Will be a couple of months yet, but we’ll see…

With 30 weeks to go, here is my training plan at the beginning:

Monday: Cycle 25 miles commute
Tuesday: Cycle 25 miles commute
Wednesday: Break from cycling. Jog/run 5 miles in the evening
Thursday: Cycle 25 miles commute
Friday: Cycle 25 miles commute. Treat day, food-wise.
Saturday: Jog/Run as long as possible
Sunday: Jog/Run as long as possible

What do you think of my plan so far? If you are a long-distance runner I would love your advice!

Training for the Paris Marathon: Day One!

I know I have seven months to go, but I’m serious about running the Paris Marathon!

I managed a 40 minute jog today, and covered 4 miles, and discovered Islip Manor Park (quite nice!). Not exactly record breaking, but it’s a start. I only had to use my inhaler at the beginning and then I was fine.

Oh and I got new trainers this week and they feel great!!

Have you run a marathon? I would love some tips!

Running the Paris Marathon!

Hello! I may have had a momentary blip in consciousness, as I seem to have signed up to RUN THE PARIS MARATHON in April!!!

Having only done a 10k sponsored run before (that is also the height of my running career to date) I am a little concerned that I have promised to run 43k…

Have you done a Marathon before? Please give me some tips!

That aside, I am running for a charity called Kidscape, which is ‘the children’s charity’, and which my current employer, Protocol Education, supports. They run workshops for children who are bullying or being bullied or abused, and the staff there are passionate about what they do.

My Current Details

To kick off my training schedule, with which I plan to be rigorous (!), I will now keep a record of my details as of today, Friday 7th September 2012. I am having to use my blue inhaler on average once, for every two miles of jogging. Hopefully this will be reduced – when I was training for the British 10k I managed to build myself up and I actually managed the final race without needing it at all. My asthma is only mild, which I am very grateful for, but I think a 26 mile race would challenge any level!

My Fundraising

How I’m going to raise £1500 by April I have no idea… I’m planning on begging for money from family and friends, dressing up in pyjamas and running around the streets of central London asking for change (managed to raise £70 in 45 minutes last time!), baking a lot and generally getting on everyone’s nerves.