Training for the Paris Marathon: Step by Step

This week has been a bit broken up, exercise-wise. I cycled to work on Monday and Wednesday, and have not had a chance to run during the week.

Current Details: using inhaler less, aiming to increase runs by one mile per week.

Today I ran for 6.3 miles, a round hour! I did it non stop, and I’m really happy with that. Also, I felt like I could have gone for longer, so I think that’s a good sign! 6.3 mph is a personal best for me, training wise.

Today’s run

I ran around Northolt park twice, then headed over to Northala fields (the one with the four mounds in). I carried on past the mounds and all round the park, along the road too. When I was going along the road I passed a cyclist who gave me a big smile and she said “keep going!”. It gave me an extra burst of energy to get back through the park.

The Wembley mounds

On my way back I forced myself to run up the mound that has the swirling footpath. Near the top, I ran past two Polish men, who said “Go, go, go!” in encouragement, and were impressed when I didn’t even stop at the top! I shouted “No rest!!” and they laughed.


I think I really enjoyed my run today not only because I was feeling fitter and had more energy (yes I did scoff five cookies earlier today) but mainly because of the people I passed who gave me encouragement. It’s that kind of encouragement that got me through the British 10k in under an hour, and it’s what will help in Paris!

I am thinking of getting a T-Shirt printed with the words ‘Marathon Runner in Training’ and ‘Cheer me on!’ on the back – thoughts?

I’m running the Paris Marathon in 2013 for Kidscape, the children’s charity. I have already raised 31% of my target!


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