Great blog and image from John – thank you! Keeping me going!


Training for the Paris Marathon: 10 Miles!


So so so happy to report that I managed a new personal best in my training for the Paris Marathon! After a lousy and slow 8.5 miles last week (also a personal best at the time…) I ran a whopping TEN MILES yesterday!!

I didn’t stop to walk, I only used my inhaler twice, and I even pushed myself to run up one of the Wembley mounds at Northala Fields at the end… That was pretty tough.

I have still got my purple toenail (see previous post if you like looking at pictures of that sort of thing) and have also welcomed a few new blisters, which is always nice.

Anyway keep checking back on my progress!



Training for the Paris Marathon: Purple Toenails

I went out for a run this morning, 4 miles in 37 minutes. Not great, but I’ve been naughty this week and not run since Saturday!


I hope you like the picture of me at 6 this morning in my new fluorescent top I got for running in the dark! Haha. Can’t believe it was 7 pounds from sports direct…

Anyway something I have noticed (and to be honest thought would just go away) is the fact that my little toenail on my left foot is dark purple!

Has anyone else experienced this through training? What do you suggest I do? It’s no longer painful, just purple…20121018-082106.jpg



Training for the Paris Marathon… 8.5 miles!

I managed a big run on Saturday – 8.5 miles! This is my longest so far, but I was a bit disappointed to stop and walk at 45 minutes. After about a minute I got back on it, but was frustrating to say the least!

Thank you for your tips about putting vaseline between your toes – not a blister in sight! I’m also very happy with my brand new fluorescent gear – now I might be able to run the 12m home without being hit by a cyclist on the towpath! I’m aiming to run home in the next couple of weeks…

I have baked peanut butter cookies to sell at work today, in an effort to raise funds to support Kidscape. Fingers crossed everyone has a sweet tooth!

Have you run a marathon? Are you training? Have you got any tips for training for a marathon?

Training for the Paris Marathon: 8 Miles!

Wooi! Another record! I managed 8 miles yesterday, and my average stayed at 6.2 mph, which i’m happy with.

I’ve overcome the blister problem by using vaseline between the toes (thanks so much to reader comments for this tip)

I’m building up to 10 miles, at which point I will join the Ealing Eagles for their 10 miles through Richmond and other areas on a Sunday morning.

Wish me luck!

Training for the Paris Marathon: 7 Miles!

At the moment i’m only really having time to run at the weekend, which is a bit annoying… but I’m kind of setting a goal for myself, to run one more mile than the weekend before.

On Saturday morning I only managed 3.5 miles, which was disappointing, but still a good workout. On Sunday I had a little more energy and managed a whopping SEVEN MILES, which is now my record! I managed it in 67 mins. I also didn’t use my inhaler ONCE! My route took me round Northala Fields in Northolt, which is quickly becoming my training stomping ground.

Current details:

Running speed: 6.2mph
Longest run: 7 miles in 67 mins

Problems so far:

BLISTERS! What do people do to prevent/treat?

BACK ACHE: I have this for about 20 mins at the beginning of every run. Do I need to strengthen my core muscles or alter my posture? Or both?

Any help from runners would be so appreciated!