Training for the Paris Marathon: 7 Miles!

At the moment i’m only really having time to run at the weekend, which is a bit annoying… but I’m kind of setting a goal for myself, to run one more mile than the weekend before.

On Saturday morning I only managed 3.5 miles, which was disappointing, but still a good workout. On Sunday I had a little more energy and managed a whopping SEVEN MILES, which is now my record! I managed it in 67 mins. I also didn’t use my inhaler ONCE! My route took me round Northala Fields in Northolt, which is quickly becoming my training stomping ground.

Current details:

Running speed: 6.2mph
Longest run: 7 miles in 67 mins

Problems so far:

BLISTERS! What do people do to prevent/treat?

BACK ACHE: I have this for about 20 mins at the beginning of every run. Do I need to strengthen my core muscles or alter my posture? Or both?

Any help from runners would be so appreciated!


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