Training for the Paris Marathon: Purple Toenails

I went out for a run this morning, 4 miles in 37 minutes. Not great, but I’ve been naughty this week and not run since Saturday!


I hope you like the picture of me at 6 this morning in my new fluorescent top I got for running in the dark! Haha. Can’t believe it was 7 pounds from sports direct…

Anyway something I have noticed (and to be honest thought would just go away) is the fact that my little toenail on my left foot is dark purple!

Has anyone else experienced this through training? What do you suggest I do? It’s no longer painful, just purple…20121018-082106.jpg




4 thoughts on “Training for the Paris Marathon: Purple Toenails

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  2. I actually wrote a post about bruised toenails (among all the other complaints that make up what I call ‘Ugly Runner’s Feet’) you can find it here:

    If it isn’t painful, then don’t worry – the bruise will grow out with your nail. But double check that your socks and shoes fit properly, and make sure to cut your nails about 2 days before a long run. I had a massive bruised nail on my big toe and it fell off 😦 but I’ve had lots of little bruises on my baby toes and they haven’t caused me any problems that a coat of nail polish couldn’t fix.

    • Thanks, Dash! The toenail itself is not painful, however the toes are a bit throbbing (sometimes). It’s only on my left foot – the other is fine! I have good running shoes – that was the first thing I learned – and good-ish running socks, though I’ll spend a little more on them nearer race day. Still have five months to go (tomorrow)!

      Thanks for your blog link, I’m following you now and will definitely check it out 🙂

      • No problem 🙂 Mine always seemed to be my right foot, possibly its a little bigger or maybe I just run in an odd way and put more pressure on that foot. I sometimes think I’d like to get a biomechanical assessment done of how I run but race photos are bad enough – I don’t REALLY want to see what I look like when I’m in motion 😉

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