My Paris Marathon Training Plan

Hello all,

I haven’t written for a while because I’ve been so busy! I have been working out at the gym before work, as well as doing a long run each weekend (apart from the weekend before last, when I simply couldn’t be bothered). Anyway, I’m still on 10 miles as my top, but I’m happy sticking with that for a while.

My Marathon Training Plan

I just wanted some feedback about my proposed marathon training plan (constantly changing…). This is on a two-week rota, so here it is:

Monday: GYM – interval training 1 hour
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: GYM – 10k running or more
Thursday: rest
Friday: GYM – interval training 1 hour
Saturday: rest
Sunday: big long outdoors run – push to the limit!

Monday: rest
Tuesday: GYM – interval training 1 hour
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: GYM – 1/2 interval training, 1/2 full run
Friday: rest
Saturday: big long outdoors run
Sunday: rest

… and so on, and so forth…

I started this last week, and actually did three 10k runs over the week (I am now going to vary it with interval training) as well as 10 miles outside on Sunday. Getting up at 5am to go to the gym is not fun when it’s so cold, but I soon warm up!

What do you think of my training plan? I’d love some input from other marathon runners!

PS: If you’re wanting an update on Purple Toenail-Gate, yes – they are still purple…