The Paris Marathon: An Apology

I feel it is necessary to apologise to a few of the people who come across my blog in cyberspace.

I am sorry to all those who are interested in boats, bikes, baking and/or books. I realise that since I signed up to the Paris Marathon it has somewhat taken over my life, and therefore my blog updates. When I first created this blog I was not a runner in any capacity, and could never have anticipated this change in my lifestyle (ooo I’ve just found a subject for another blog entry) (anyway…)

I shall endeavour to write at least every now and then about one of the topics my blog pretends to cover, and I am sure I will enjoy it! I know that my reptiles would like a mention, as ever since I wrote about our new moggy Boudica they have been a bit ‘off’ with me. So I hope you like reptiles!

I would be reviewing more books because I love to read, but since moving to central London I no longer have a commute! Shall attempt to review soon.

I hope that my sincere apologies are accepted for the constant stream of ‘running’ news, as I understand how annoying this can be.


4 thoughts on “The Paris Marathon: An Apology

      • I started my blog because my non-running friends were getting sick of all my facebook updates about long runs, blisters and carb loading, but it’s good to introduce some balance!

      • Haha, I suppose that’s a good reason! The only problem with mine is that I started this blog as a non-runner, so it’s changed quite a bit 🙂

        About blisters – vaseline is a godsend. Since using it between my toes before every run I have had NO blisters. I still have purple toes though, which I wrote about here (and they have only got worse).

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