Books on the Underground

I love reading. I love free books. I love sharing books I have enjoyed… but before now there was no way of getting my books out to the masses.

Introducing Books on the Underground

Have you ever read a book so good that you simply have to share it with everyone and anyone? Well, now you CAN!

books-on-the-underground-logo-2Books on the Underground is a new movement to bring books to every Londoner for free.

how it works

All you do is request stickers from BotU and pop them on any books you have read and are happy to give away. You stick them on, and away you go! When you’ve left the book(s) at an underground station or in a train carriage, you simply tweet about it to @BooksUndergrnd using #booksontheunderground and pop up a picture much like this one:

Books-on-the-Underground - Book with sticker

There is nothing to stop this movement really taking off, and everyone in London having access to a constantly changing and moving array of books. You pick one up, you read it, and you return it to the underground!

This February Books on the Underground is launching love on the underground with the help of Mills & Boon… so now everyone can fall in love with reading on the tube.

If you love this idea, you can read more about Books on the Underground by clicking on the logo:

books on the underground colourSome lovely coverage for Books on the Underground:

Timeout: Join the underground movement of swapping books on the tube

The Unlikely Bookworm | love on the underground

What book would you leave on the tube? My I must share with the world books are definitely Phillipe Claudel’s Monsieur Linh and his Child and Mick Jackson’s The Underground Man


3 thoughts on “Books on the Underground

  1. Great Idea. In Nairobi, there are places you can take a book you have read and get another to read without paying; its all in the name of making books easily available

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