Paris Marathon Training: phase two…

So, it’s now just 7 weeks until I start my (pretty short seeing as I live in King’s Cross) journey to Paris, and the marathon. To say that I’m scared would be incorrect – I am a little fluttery but mainly excited at this stage! I am confident that I have pretty much followed the intermediate training plan, and I can do it.

self improvement

I know that I can do distances now. My longest distance has been 14.7 miles, which while pretty boring at over 2h 20m, was completely manageable. In fact, it’s so easy to build up and up in distance. I truly believe that anyone could manage a 15 mile stretch if they build it up bit by bit each week over several months.

challenging myself

The thing I’m concerned about is that I genuinely feel, no I know, I haven’t been challenging myself physically. I have been ignoring the ‘speed runs’ and opting for easy runs, and I have only once really pushed myself to do interval training. In fact, I have been getting slower and slower as the weeks and months pass. Basically, I know that I could do much better than I am now. So here comes phase two…

the last stretch

As we come into the last seven weeks of training, I have to bear in mind that though we will soon be tapering, I have to concentrate on pushing myself speed-wise. I am going to take the long distance running as a given, and put tons of effort into my weekday runs. Everyone’s ‘personal best’ is different, but my aim is to get to under 9min/mile on the long runs. I also know that I should start practising the ‘positive split’? From my understanding this means running faster in the second half of a long run than you did in the first… am I right?

feeling positive

Despite my doubts and moaning, I am feeling quite positive about the whole experience. I had to take six rest days last week, because of a nasty cold, but getting back into it already. At least it didn’t happen the week of the race! I also had a couple of good dreams about running (something I never thought would happen!): one was that I missed both of my 20 milers (Ruislip and Hyde Park) and I was gutted, and the other was a vague one about Paris. The second one may have been a day-dream, but I felt really positive about running the marathon and especially finishing!

I have now booked my hotel (Fri – Tues) and my Eurostar tickets, and am really quite excited! How is your marathon training going?


3 thoughts on “Paris Marathon Training: phase two…

  1. Sounds good! Speed work has definitely helped me improve in the half marathons I’ve done. I don’t think positive splits are compulsory though – depends what suits you best. Good luck with the rest of your training!

  2. Good work, I’m a bit apprehensive now as well but looking forward to it!

    If you’re up to 14.7 with over 7 weeks to go you’re in a pretty good place. Definitely get one ‘faster’ day in per week, whether it’s tempo session / mixed pace / surges / intervals / fartlek / pyramid / whatever (google them!), or even hills every now and then to mix it up a bit. I normally do the LSR on a Sunday morning, then take Monday off and do the faster day on the Tuesday.

    ‘Negative split’ would be to run the 2nd half of a run faster than the first, which is normally seen as a good way to run a race, especially one as long as a marathon.

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