The Benefits of Seizing the Day

Over the last few weeks I’ve been getting up earlier and earlier. Setting my alarm ten minutes earlier that the day before, and clawing back some time.

This of course does mean that I am going to bed a little earlier, but I always vow to do that anyway! I am loving waking up early, when the canal is silent (in central London it isn’t a regular occurrence) and relaxing before heading to work.

Most days I just use the time to get a fire going, feed the cat, then snuggle with her and read for an hour. Even this is such a joy – I’m getting through books like nobody’s business! Some days I’m more proactive, cleaning the kitchen or getting some other jobs done early on.

Something I miss about marathon training was ‘having’ to go out at horrid-o-clock in the morning for the weekly 4 miler, when I secretly loved the feeling of freedom that comes from being up and about on empty roads before most people have had their breakfast. Strangely enough, it’s this kind I thing that’s making me consider running another marathon – something I vowed never to do again.

I don’t really know if this entry has a real point, but I know I don’t write enough on here… I just want to show how much even an hour makes in the morning – try getting up earlier and see where it takes you! Even Forbes says that early risers are more successful 🙂



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