Cycling: Ridgeback Advance 2012 Review

At the beginning of 2012 I decided to save the £160 a month I was giving to TfL and get back on the bike! I borrowed my partner’s Apollo Code (I know, I know) to cycle the 28 mile round trip.

My commute from Northolt to Chancery Lane (one way) consists of 9 miles of towpath/trail and 5 miles of road. The Apollo simply wasn’t coping with this level of usage, and I was getting at least one flat tyre a week, if not more! Also, many of these were ‘snake bite’ or ‘pinch’ tyres, which are not easily fixed.

Fantastic bicycle for towpaths, trails and roads! Thoroughly recommend it!

So, I looked into buying a new bike, and after a long, long search I found one that was marketed as being ‘great for all terrains – towpaths, trails and roads’… PERFECT!

I got the Ridgeback Advance 2012 on 21st May, and have so far ridden it over 500 miles, with no problems, no punctures, and it’s even shortened my commute by 5 mins.

I highly recommend this bike, at only £500 it’s a steal!

Head over to their site: The Ridgeback Advance 2012. As ever, if you have any questions just comment!

(and no, I have not been paid to post this!)