Unwell Terrapins: the slow progress of HMS Belfast



I thought I’d go for a title that confuses everyone. Yes – I understand how this goes against all of the SEO knowledge I have at work, but this is personal!

Two of our terrapins have been a bit poorly.

They started showing signs of distress after a couple of months in the outside tank. It’s now winter, and though they have warm water and are covered, it’s still not the same! Ideally they want a good few hours of strong sun so that they can recharge their batteries.

Anyway, the two that were not well are Belly (HMS Belfast – as she was rescued from the Thames) and Bidet (no explanation available). Bidet (pictured below) was suffering from conjunctivitis and Belly was just not eating or swimming.

We took them both to Beaumont Sainsburys Vet at the Royal Veterinary College in Camden/Islington in London. We saw a vet called Nadine, who was fantastic. She prescribed eye drops for Bidet, who she was not worried about, and oral antibiotics for Belly, who she diagnosed as having pneumonia. The vet suggested feeding them food high in Vitamin A, as this is what they were lacking. We bought calves liver and some pellets high in Vitamin A.20130115-112721.jpg

This was over a week and a half ago, and we have been keeping to the medicine regime. Last Thursday we took them back in, and the vet said that Bidet was perfectly fine, as she was eating tons and her eyes have now completely died down and are clear as anything.

Belly still wasn’t eating, so we left her with the vet to do an xray. As it turns out, she has several lesions in her lungs as a result of the pneumonia and would find it uncomfortable eating. The vet said that if she doesn’t eat in the next few days then the prognosis was not good. She said that because there are so many lesions it would be impossible to operate, and all we can do is rely on the medicine and getting her weight up.


Anyway, I am pleased to report that on Sunday, Belly ate TONS! She then ate again yesterday and again this morning!! I have found that rather than feeding them before turning the hot spot lamp on, feeding them after they have basked under the light helps them become interested!

I will update soon about Belly’s progress, but fingers crossed…

Beaumont Sainsbury Vets

I must say I am blown away by how good Nadine has been. She wants daily updates about Belly’s progress, and has answered my email within a couple of hours. It seems like she really cares, and that really does mean a lot.

The vets cater for all different animals, and I think they deserve a mention:



Rehoming Rescued Terrapins!

Yesterday we headed over to Berkshire Reptile Rescue to have a look at the terrapins they rescue from the lakes and fishing ponds in London and Reading. They have a fantastic collection of rescued reptiles, and about 40 terrapins in a large tank, all healthy and happy.

Here is a picture of one of the terrapins we rehomed:

Here is a video of us rehoming the rescue terrapins.

We are definitely going to be back in contact with Berkshire Reptile Rescue when we get a bigger pond!