My #h2Only Challenge: Day 10

In case you haven’t heard, I’m doing the H20nly challenge in aid of the Royal National Lifeboats Institution. (PLUG alert! Just Giving page). This means only drinking water for two whole weeks (no, mum, I’m allowed to eat as normal). To be honest, I mainly chose it for the personal challenge – and also because I was impressed by the creativity of their marketing team (geek) but as I could also raise money for a great hardworking charity that’s fantastic!

I threw myself into it without really thinking – I mean, I already don’t drink alcohol so it can’t be that hard, right? Wrong. I honestly had no idea how much I had come to depend on and look forward to… tea.

This was my last cup on Monday 26th May!

The first couple of days were tough. I kept forgetting that I was only allowed to drink water but thankfully the RNLI had already thought of that, and had sent me a fundraising pack which included coasters with sayings like “water. straight up. ” and “make mine a water.”

In the first few days I did go a bit crazy. I even went through the motion of making a cup of tea in the morning – putting the kettle on, getting the milk out of the fridge, then… pouring myself a pint of water. Might sound weird but it worked! I’ve now gone nearly ten whole days without tea, coffee or soft drinks and I’m pretty sure I haven’t done that before.

I knew it would be good for me but I didn’t expect the affects to be so apparent or immediate. From day 1 I slept better, though I did feel tired during the day for the first few days. About a week in I realised I had way more energy – I’ve actually been sticking to my fitness plan (first time ever!) of running 4 miles every day, either to work or at lunch. Also my skin is clearer and smoother – much better than it feels even after the most luxurious spa treatment. Altogether I feel so, so much better for it!

So now I have to rethink my whole relationship with what I drink. Where before I didn’t really see it as a problem – food is usually the focus health wise anyway – I now know that what you drink has a profound effect on how you feel overall. I can only imagine (please comment if you are one of these people) what it must feel like if you had to give up booze, too.

I realise that this post is pretty self-centred when it should be about the RNLI and their fantastic work (and it really is fantastic. They actually save lives) so I apologise for that – but from the beginning I really just wanted to see if I could do it. It’s a bit like running a marathon – the challenge and achievement is the big thing that takes up most of your energy, and raising money for a charity is a great result on top of all that.

I guess the main point of this post was to say WOOOO ONLY A FEW DAYS TO GO but actually now I think of it, I’m very happy as a water-only person, and I may just try to stretch this challenge out as long as I can…