Fundraising: A Study in Generosity

Last Saturday I spent 12 hours fundraising at Kings Cross. One thing I will say about it is that though I raised a great deal of money for Kidscape Children’s Charity, I will never do it again!

Fundraising Trends…

During my twelve freezing hours fundraising at Kings Cross underground station, I created a script for myself, and performed it much like a fruit seller. This all came very naturally and from no where! My advice for fundraising (and collecting in particular) is to just jump right in. When I got to the station at 7am there was only the station staff there, but I started my script straight away, as I wasn’t going to get any donations if I just stood there silently with a bucket…

My Fundraising Script

So, the phrases that seemed to come so naturally from me that day included:

Stock phrases – used often

“Spare change for charity?”
“Have you got any change to spare for charity today?”
“Collecting for Kidscape Children’s Charity”

Things I threw in there every now and then

“Pennies for Kidscape?”
“Coppers for charity?”
“A little goes a long way for Kidscape”

Rare ones – testing the market

“No direct debits!”
“Small change makes a big change for Kidscape” (this one became a favourite of mine)

My findings

It’s weird the trends that come out when you’re collecting for charity!! The main thing I noticed was that around 80% of the donators were men. I can’t decide whether it’s because men are more generous or because it’s easier for men to get to their pocket change!

To add to that, and perhaps this strengthens the argument for men being more generous, I’d say about 95% of male donators gave £1 or more. In stark comparison, women tended to give small change, with about 80% giving silvers or less. Saying that, out of the three five pounds notes I received, two were from women.

To conclude!

I raised a total of £450 in 12 hours, and am so so so grateful to everyone who donated! I am raising money for Kidscape and am running the Paris Marathon, and that money took me to 80% of my target!

I’m not sure if anyone else will find this interesting, but I did!!

As ever, any marathon training or fundraising tips are much appreciated!! 🙂