Bagel with pesto, cream cheese and avocado


A quick and easy lunch! Just put this together today and thought I’d share.

Toast the bagel first, then spread green pesto thinly, followed by a thick layer of lower fat cream cheese and then a whole avocado sliced on top!

Gorgeous lunch and very very filling.

Probably around 500 – 600 calories and I didn’t snack all afternoon 🙂


Training for the Paris Marathon: 10 Miles!


So so so happy to report that I managed a new personal best in my training for the Paris Marathon! After a lousy and slow 8.5 miles last week (also a personal best at the time…) I ran a whopping TEN MILES yesterday!!

I didn’t stop to walk, I only used my inhaler twice, and I even pushed myself to run up one of the Wembley mounds at Northala Fields at the end… That was pretty tough.

I have still got my purple toenail (see previous post if you like looking at pictures of that sort of thing) and have also welcomed a few new blisters, which is always nice.

Anyway keep checking back on my progress!