Who loves free chocolate?? Enter Webloyalty’s Easter Egg Competition!


Just thought I’d share with all of my (five, is it?!) followers that there is some chocolate up for grabs over on this blog:

Webloyalty Easter Egg Competition

Worth a shot! Thanks for reading 🙂


Bagel with pesto, cream cheese and avocado


A quick and easy lunch! Just put this together today and thought I’d share.

Toast the bagel first, then spread green pesto thinly, followed by a thick layer of lower fat cream cheese and then a whole avocado sliced on top!

Gorgeous lunch and very very filling.

Probably around 500 – 600 calories and I didn’t snack all afternoon 🙂


Training for the Paris Marathon: 10 Miles!


So so so happy to report that I managed a new personal best in my training for the Paris Marathon! After a lousy and slow 8.5 miles last week (also a personal best at the time…) I ran a whopping TEN MILES yesterday!!

I didn’t stop to walk, I only used my inhaler twice, and I even pushed myself to run up one of the Wembley mounds at Northala Fields at the end… That was pretty tough.

I have still got my purple toenail (see previous post if you like looking at pictures of that sort of thing) and have also welcomed a few new blisters, which is always nice.

Anyway keep checking back on my progress!